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Amanda is currently a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), Gulfstream 550/450 International Captain and Lead IS-BAO auditor in the industry.   She has type ratings and experience in G550, GV, G450, G200, Citation X, Citation 680, and Citation 500 series aircraft.  She has accumulated over 6000 hours of flight experience operating all over the world.  Amanda has operated in India, Africa, China, Russia, South America, and all over Europe.  Amanda has worked for three Fortune 500 companies including Cessna Aircraft Company, John Deere, and American Family Insurance.    In her position with American Family Insurance she helped lead the department to Stage III certification in July 2014.  During Amanda's employment at John Deere Global Aviation Services she lead the internal audit and helped prepare the group for Stage II & III certification.  In her younger career Amanda was a pilot for a Part 135 charter operator flying single-pilot and being the marketing coordinator for the operation.  Amanda has expertise in SMS, industry best practices, aircraft management, flight department operations, organization evaluations, aircraft acquisitions, fleet planning, hangar facilities, security, international operations, OSHA, environmental management, aircraft maintenance and drone operations.  As a testament to her contribution to the business aviation industry Amanda was awarded the 2016 Inaugural Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award.  Here is what our customers are saying about their experience...

Our flight department utilized Ms. Ferraro for our Stage II IS-BAO this past year.  With this being our first time through the Stage II audit, I had many questions about whether or not our processes did indeed meet the standards.  I was also concerned that if we had shortfalls in some areas, how those would be addressed. 

After several conversations with Ms. Ferraro, I was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.  One of the services that she provides in addition to the audit itself is a gap analysis that is accomplished well ahead of the on-site visit.  This gap analysis showed us areas that were not quite sufficient and gave us an opportunity to make procedural changes and revisions to make our processes more robust.  She didn’t hold our hand and make these revisions for us, but did steer us in the right direction and provided many resources to help us meet the standard.  When it came time for the actual audit, things went very smoothly.

I was impressed to learn that Ms. Ferraro has been on both sides of the table during IS-BAO audits as well.  She is not only an auditor but is also a current crew member for a very well respected corporate flight department.  I was confident that she knew what we were going through to prepare for this audit. 

Ms. Ferraro has the safety of Business aviation at the forefront of her everyday activities.  I found that she was a huge asset to us and continues to be even after the audit.  I highly recommend Ms. Ferraro and Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC.


Chad Blanchard
Chief Pilot
Westmark Enterprises, Inc.