We will walk you through every step of the way!  At Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC we realize that each operator is unique and that there are many ways to meet the compliance standards set forth by IS-BAO.  Our goal is to provide valuable feedback to the operator, be a mentor in the audit process, and develop relationships that will last a lifetime.  What sets us apart is having the experience in the industry to understand the operators needs.  We offer free gap analysis in which we take seriously.  We encourage all operators to take full advantage of this service to gain the most value from the audit.  During a gap analysis we will review all company manuals to ensure compliance with protocols before the audit commences.  This gives the operator time to fix any issues before the audit begins.  Many issues can be identified and rectified during this time.  We want our operators to have every opportunity to succeed.  This is what sets us apart from other audit companies.  We strive for excellence for each operator through this process. 

After the gap analysis is complete the on-site audit will commence.  Operators can expect an audit that includes a review of the company safety management system, processes, manuals, programs, policies and procedures.  A minimum of two days on-site will be scheduled with an option of three days.   Operators can chose to have an auditor observe a flight.  Flight observation is not a check-ride but rather a viewing of procedres and processes against what is documented in the manuals.  Having an auditor ride along to observe will only add to the final report for IBAC and executive mangaement. 

Upon completion of the audit operators can expect a finished portfolio report to present to their executives from Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC.  This report will showcase the flight department's strengths and value that is provided through having a safety management system.  

IS-BAO Audit

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