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Welcome to Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC.  It is our standard to provide the highest quality and industry leading expertise to our clients during their IS-BAO stage I, II, & III registration.  (Learn more about IS-BAO)  We offer customized consulting services or auditing for registration.  Our company is fully insured and bonded.  What makes our company different from all the others?  We believe in a partnership with our clients that yields first class results every single time.     


We provide many different levels of consulting whether you are looking for a full day on-site evaluation to progress to the next registration level or advice on a particular IS-BAO protocol.  We offer customized project development and advice for any stage or component. From the very first point of contact until the work is complete we will work side-by-side to mentor you through the process and provide sound solutions to your operation.  Whether your company is a single aircraft Part 91 operation or a multi-jet charter provider we specialize in taking your safety to the next level.  We know even small operators can comply with the IS-BAO protocols without additional fancy equipment or spending large amounts of money to revamp the flight department.  We will provide our industry experience to help develop solutions that fit your operation without all the extra added expense.  IS-BAO isn't another safety theme or fad.  IS-BAO is a proven safety system that provides a higher level of protection for your operation and passengers.  If you are looking for additional resources to prepare a business case for IS-BAO and a safety management system for your executive team please click here.     


Looking for an auditor that is fair, objective, experienced, and professional?   Amanda Ferraro is the founder of Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC and is an International Gulfstream Captain.  She has experience and type ratings on G550, GV, G450, G200, Citation X, Citation 680, and Citation 500 series aircraft.  Amanda has a diverse background in aviation operations including working for a Part 135 charter company, a Part 121 airline, and three Fortune 500 companies.  She has been on both sides of the industry as a pilot and an auditor.  She started Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC because she saw a real need in the industry for mentoring and education for IS-BAO and safety management.  She understands her clients, challenges, and knows not all safety management systems are created equal.  She has a passion for aviation and compassion for people.  Our clients can expect first class customer service and an auditor that will work hard on building a foundational relationship that will last for years to come.  As an auditor, Amanda will work alongside your team to teach, provide value, and lift up your organization's safety program.  As part of our auditing package we offer a Gap Analysis  to ensure there are no major disparities that may arise during the on-site audit.  Amanda takes the gap analysis serious and will review all manuals and documents several weeks prior to the audit.  She will gauge your manuals against the protocols to ensure compliance is being met on paper.  We offer this service to every customer as part of our audit for free.  Why do we take this service so serious and offer it for free?  We want every operator to have every opportunity available to complete a full audit with high success every time!  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding our services and answer any questions you may have.  We believe in achieving higher standards together!