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Our team at Aviation Safety Solutions, recognizes that each operator is unique.

Our personalized, custom-tailored auditing services offer operators a broad range of choices to meet the rigorous compliance standards set forth by regulators and standard-setting organizations worldwide. We offer IS-BAO lead audits and custom operator assessments to ensure key goals are achieved at every level in the organization. Our goal is to provide feedback, mentor you throughout the audit process, and develop a working relationship that will last a lifetime.

Our competitive advantage is the ability to leverage the depth and breadth of our industry experience to pinpoint exactly what an operator needs to reach the highest standard of compliance. As a first step in the process, we are pleased to offer a free gap analysis to ensure you gain the most value from the upcoming audit.

During the gap analysis, we will review all of your company's manuals to ensure compliance with protocols thus enabling you to identify and fix any issues before the audit begins. This is our promise to every operator we partner with: we want you to have every opportunity to succeed! Our commitment sets us apart from other audit companies. We back it up by striving for excellence with each operator as we move together through the audit process, educating executive leadership, trust, transparency, and building first-class flight organizations.

Following completion of the gap analysis, we will begin the onsite audit. We never cut corners with our audit! It will include a review of your safety management system, processes, manuals, programs, policies, and procedures and require a minimum of three days; fourth day on site for the audit is optional. We also offer the opportunity for our auditor to observe a flight . We take flight observation very seriously! Rather than a perfunctory "check-ride", we will observe how your procedures and processes compare to documentation in your company's manuals. The inclusion of an auditor-ride along to observe a flight is a powerful addition to the final report for flight organization and executive management.

Upon completion of the audit, the team at Aviation Safety Solutions will create a personalized, comprehensive portfolio report for presentation to company executives. This report will showcase the flight department's strengths and the value a safety management system.

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