Aviation Safety Solutions
Aviation Safety Solutions


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Program Benefits

  • This program is dedicated to current or future IS-BAO operators or organizations that seek to develop a Safety Management System
  • We will assign a Safety Coach to monitor your organization’s safety performance.

Our Safety Assistance Program can help your flight organization excel in safety standards and reach top-tier status by partnering with an expert safety coach. Aviation Safety Solutions, Inc., founded in 2013, has quickly become the foremost leading expert in Safety Management System, IS-BAO, FAA Part 5 and flight department operators. Our team includes an IS-BAO lead auditor, Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), International G550/G450 Captain, an instructor for global IS-BAO auditors and implementers, and developers for IS-BAO small operator program FSI for IBAC.

We offer an array of specialized services including IS-BAO auditing and implementation, FAA Part 5 conformity, ICAO Annex 19 SMS compliance, and flight operations safety consults for many Fortune 500 companies, Part 91 and Part 135 operators.

We are global leaders in the industry as an IS-BAO preferred provider – setting the standard for safety excellence.

We have earned the trust of the industry’s top companies in business aviation through our tailored and practical approach to addressing the needs of our clients.


  • Supplementing the Safety Manager with an external expert Safety Coach, enabling IS-BAO operators to be fully prepared for an audit
  • Yearly Accountable Executive Safety Report 
  • Emergency Response Training and Drill Program
  • Accountable Executive SMS training with certificate
  • 10 hours of safety consulting, enabling Executive Leadership to have peace of mind knowing that a subject matter expert will be working along side the organization
  • Safety Assistance Software program including task assignments, group collaboration tool and industry updates
  • IS-BAO operators will receive FAA Part 5 differences
  • Safety Manager Training with certificate
  • Analysis and review of all operator safety data
  • Extra consulting time can be purchased at a discount
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