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We offer a variety of courses to enhance the safety environment in your department. You will find in depth courses offered in both ONLINE and CLASSROOM formats to fit your needs.

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FAA SMS Workshop

Full Circle SMS - Elevating Safety

Created in conjunction with Fireside Partners, Individuals who attend this course will benefit greatly from the personalized instruction of safety experts to understand all aspects of the FAA’s SMS regulation and to gain knowledge regarding the fundamentals, components and criticality of an SMS

Virtual on-line access in conjunction with Real Time workshop participants!

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Get Ready for Your Next Audit!

Be preparedinformed and confident working toward your IS-BAO Standardization Registration

The IS-BAO Protocol Standardization Course is a perfect way for individuals who wish to achieve IS-BAO certification to become familiar with the best practices to achieve the highest levels of safety and professionalism, as well as for those who wish to improve and strengthen their knowledge of IS-BAO protocols to raise their safety knowledge bar and to eventually move on to stages 2 or 3 of the IS-BAO process

  • Advance your SMS knowledge
  • IS-BAO Standard explained in easy to follow tutorials, developed in partnership with IBAC
  • Access to course videos for 1 year
  • Certificate of completion recognized by Safety Manager’s SMS Course and the IS-BAO Workshop Requirement

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ERP Prep Course

A comprehensive guide to navigate the complexities of an emergency

This course provides comprehensive information on the components of a successful Emergency Response Plan (ERP): identifying and prioritizing risks to create specific strategies to work around these obstacles; who within the organization needs to be involved; who needs training; which departments to coordinate with; how to navigate a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation; and knowing when to outsource certain emergency response services.

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Aircraft Accident

Test your Knowledge, and your ERP Manual

This fully immersive three-hour emergency response exercise/drill will help test and build an individual’s/organization’s preparedness for threats and hazards.  It will include a simulated telephone call that will put the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) into action – essentially commencing a drill that encompasses every aspect of the ERP, from start to finish.

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